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Audio Artist // Sound Designer

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I create rich, textural sound design and music for interactive media.

    • With over a decade of professional experience, Noel is a versatile sound artist who specializes in crafting captivating audio landscapes through a dynamic fusion of acoustic and electronic techniques. Their artistic journey has taken them across diverse mediums, including award-winning indie games, animation, film, art installations, and VR experiences. Their innovative approach has garnered critical acclaim and has been celebrated by listeners worldwide. From creating immersive soundscapes in games to enriching animation and film, Noel's meticulous attention to detail and ability to evoke emotions through sound continues to evolve. With an unwavering commitment to bringing stories to life, Noel continues to explore new frontiers in music and sound.

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I know what your project needs to sound breathtaking.





Pet Putt is a hybrid puzzle / mini-golf game developed by Rajin Shankar that takes place on delightful spherical worlds. Meet new adorable friends, conquer the Pet Putt World Championships, and defeat the forces of evil as you explore beautiful planets filled with treacherous courses and unexpected twists. Rajin currently works at Sucker Punch.

Follow the project:



Solo Album

Gardens is the first solo album released by Noel under the alias nokbient. Gardens is a thoughtful and meditative journey, cultivating progressive composition and masterful sound design to transport you to a dark, blossoming new world.

Gardens is available on all major streaming platforms:

Onyx Island

Solo Album

"Onyx Island" was a conceptual game that Noel collaborated on. While the game does not exist, the idea was a rhythm based JRPG, where timed button inputs correlated to every performed action. Music would be a huge focus of the game. Noel hopes one day this project will be revitalized and made material.

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BGM Composition

Noel created multiple pieces of background music for this music themed part-rhythm-game, part-visual-novel experience. 

Support Noisz on Steam:

The Songbird

Everything but some code!

The Songbird is an indie game developed in Unity as a showcase for Noel's work. Having created all assets, including music, sound effects, and art, this offers a unique way to experience some of what Noel is capable of.


Play The Songbird on (Windows only): 




Created for Global Game Jam 2020, Smashed is a local multiplayer party game inspired by Jackbox Games. Noel took great care to emulate the style and aesthetics of games like Quiplash.


About Noel

Noel Keith has carried a passion for music and sound since childhood. For over a decade, Noel has created hundreds of works for interactive and live media. With roots in Indianapolis, IN, Noel first discovered his passion for music through his love of video games. Noel began composing in the video game "Little Big Planet" where he found a niche for himself, writing hundreds of pieces in the process. Classically trained in piano, Noel went on to pursue an education in Audio for Digital Media through Indiana University. 

Noel is a strong believer in combining the traditional with the non-conventional, creating distinctive pallets of sound ranging from quirky melodies to lush organic soundscapes. Noel also produces electronic music via his alias nokbient.

On his downtime, Noel is a strong advocate for Indianapolis' indie-game and arts community, having assisted in local meetups, game jams, art installations, large scale events, and award-winning projects. 



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